Patriot Industries Case Study

Patriot Industries, an established textile manufacturer of embroidered golf shirts and hats, acquired Swamp Fox Industries in 1970.  Swamp Fox Industries was a manufacturer of textile manufacturing equipment but also owned a manufacturer of drill bits and derricks for oil field service companies.  Swamp Fox Industries continued to grow under the ownership of Patriot Industries and contributes roughly $20 million to the Company’s annual revenues of $75 million.  Continue reading

Morpheus Aerospace Case Study

Closely held and family controlled businesses that excel at the seven factors that characterize successful wealth creating family enterprises, as discussed in Highland Global’s The Seven Deadly Sins of Business Valuation:  Closely Held and Family Controlled Businesses, typically are able to lower the firm’s cost of capital as compared to those firms that have yet to master the seven factors of successful transgenerational wealth creating enterprises. Continue reading