Our services


Highland Global’s full range of business valuation services includes formal valuations, limited scope valuations, fairness opinions, and valuation consulting. We focus on meeting our clients’ objectives by providing the customized valuation service that best meets their needs.

Highland Global performs independent business valuations for a wide range of purposes, including:

  • Bank Lending/SBA Loans
  • Family Limited Partnerships
  • Succession
  • Estate Planing/Taxes
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP)
  • Capital Raising
  • Family Disputes
  • Shareholder Issues
  • Litigation

Highland Global’s valuation services include the following:

  • Full/formal valuations—Recommended for all income, estate, and gift tax purposes as well as for most litigation. Typically considers and utilizes all approaches and methods that the appraiser considers appropriate in determining a value or value range.

  • Limited scope valuations—Common for strategic analysis and assessment of merger or acquisition prospects. May not include all approaches and methods in the process of determining an indication of value or a value range. Analysis of the company, industry, and other factors that may impact the value is not as extensive as that performed for a formal valuation.

  • Fairness opinions—Typically rendered in a merger or acquisition context to the target of the transaction to provide an opinion of whether the proposed value of the contemplated transaction is “fair” for the shareholders. May also be provided in dissenting shareholder situations. Does not provide an estimate of value.

  • Valuation consulting—May include advice on a specific valuation-related issue in a strategic planning context, critique of another appraiser’s valuation, expert witness testimony, etc.


We offer our clients a wide range of strategic advisory services primarily focused on corporate growth or exit strategies for family owned or privately held middle market companies. Highland Global may assist clients with mergers and acquisitions, sales and divestitures, recapitalizations, leveraged ESOPs, management buyouts, and privatizations.

Highland Global’s team of seasoned professionals is actively involved in every phase of transactions for which it provides advisory and analysis services. With respect to mergers and acquisitions, Highland Global assists the client in preparing the company for the market, accesses the merger and acquisition markets, coordinates site visits with potential acquirers, coordinates due diligence, and facilitates the closing process. In addition, Highland Global provides the client with post-transaction support and guidance as part of our commitment to continuing and maintaining strong relationships with our clients.


Highland Global also provides a variety of financial analysis services to its clients including market or industry research and business valuations or appraisals.

Our market or industry research and financial analysis is usually provided in conjunction with our clients’ corporate growth or exit strategies but may be provided independently for consulting, business planning, forecasting, etc.

Our business valuations are provided as part of our strategic advisory services but are also prepared on an independent basis for tax purposes, family disputes, capital raising, shareholder issues, or estate planning.

Family Business

Highland Global seeks to fill the gap in providing strategic advisory and financial analysis services to family owned companies both domestically and internationally, many of which are overlooked by mid/large market advisory firms. Highland Global’s commitment to assisting family owned businesses with corporate growth and valuation services is further evidenced through the publication of our book The Seven Deadly Sins of Business Valuation: Closely Held & Family Controlled Companies which was released in mid-2006 and our original book The Seven Deadly Sins of Business Valuation (released in 2005).