The Canteen Case Study

The Canteen is a local franchised restaurant and pub serving quality lunches at reasonable prices at ten area locations in the tri-city area.  The franchise is well-known throughout the region and has a strong customer base, ranging from professionals on the go to retirees and local college students.  The Canteen’s five area locations are organized as individual corporations which are, in turn, owned and operated by Thor Holdings, LLC, a local company that also owns several other franchise restaurants, ice cream shoppes, and gourmet coffee houses. 

Louie Peters, Helga Stevenson, and Harvey Rogers own Thor Holdings, LLC and are seeking to sell two of the Canteen locations that are outside their immediate territory.  They had started the two locations about eighteen months ago as part of an expansion plan incentive offered by The Canteen’s parent company.  Since then, Thor Holdings declined the rights to additional franchises in those outlying locations.

The Canteen Case Study

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