Iris Rental Management Company Case Study

Robert M. Clinger III

Iris Rental Management Company was founded thirty-five years ago by Tom and Eva Williams to provide long-term rental management services to owners of apartments, condominiums, townhomes, office buildings, retail space, etc.  Since its founding, Iris Rental Management Company has maintained a fairly stable staff as a result of the pleasant working environment created by the Williams family. 

The benefits offered to loyal employees are also very good and the family-like feel of the organization has been maintained despite its rapid growth from a small, family business with $250,000 in revenues to a sizeable, regional rental management company with over $8 million in annual revenues.  With the exception of several seasonal employees, the staff has an average tenure of over twenty years.  Several employees have been with the firm since its inception.  Even the newest employees have been with the firm for ten years or longer.

Iris Rental Management Case Study (1)

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