South Carolina Business Valuation Firm Highland Global Announces the Release of Its Latest Valuation Article “Top Ten Questions of Value”

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina & Miami, Florida, August 12, 2007—Highland Global Business Valuations, a premiere business valuation firm for the southeast United States, is pleased to announce the release of its “Top Ten Questions of Value.”  Highland Global’s most recent valuation article identifies and briefly answers the top ten valuation questions that are most often asked of business appraisers.

Robert M. Clinger III, AVA, CBA offered the following comments regarding the release of Highland Global’s article:

Throughout my career as a business valuation professional I have been asked a number of questions repeatedly from the end users of the valuation report—business owners, attorneys, accountants, etc.  These questions stem from the fact that, not only is the valuation profession highly specialized, valuation reports may be quite lengthy in the appraiser’s effort to clearly delineate the methodology and rationale for the numerous assumptions that must be made.  Business valuation is, in fact, as much an art as it is a science.  As such, some of the methodology, theory, and application of financial principles may be very unfamiliar to the average user of the valuation report.  We compiled the top ten questions of value in an effort to briefly address some of the most frequent concerns business owners and others may have regarding a valuation.

 The complete article may be accessed via Highland Global’s website  Business valuations are most commonly required in conjunction with the purchase or sale of a business, succession planning, buy/sell agreements, charitable contributions, estate and gift taxes, and initial public offerings.  Valuations may also be necessary in legal situations such as business disruption, dissenting shareholder actions, divorce, and partner disputes.


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