The 4th Annual Robert M. Clinger III Invitational Golf Tournament at The Dunes Golf & Beach Club

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (PR Web), February 17, 2010—The Executive Committee of the Robert M. Clinger III Invitational Golf Tournament released the results of the 4th Annual Tournament held on Monday, February 15, 2010 at The Dunes Golf & Beach Club in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Forty invitees (thirty gentlemen and ten women) ranging in age from twenty-two to eightysix from the United States and Canada participated in this year’s tournament which followed a modified captain’s choice format.

Despite pending inclement weather conditions along the coast, all ten teams teed off before one o’clock in the afternoon on what started as a mild February day with temperatures in the middle fifties. By early afternoon, weather conditions deteriorated as a cold front approached the coast from the west, dropping the temperature into the low forties and bringing extensive cloud cover as well as winds in excess of twenty miles per hour. Six of the ten teams posted their scores in the clubhouse before steady rain began to fall, with the seventh team, the defending champions, withdrawing before finishing their round due to poor health of a team member. With the leading team in the clubhouse posting a score of 86, the rain dampened the spirits of the teams that had yet to finish but it did not dampen their resolve. With all teams finishing just before six o’clock, Dennis Nicholl, head proof  the Dunes Club, posted the final scores in theWaterloo Lounge.

The final three teams posted scores of 85, 82, and 74. The victorious team consisted of the Invitational’s founder, Robert M. Clinger III, Larry Yarnell, Steve Vogel, and Isla Carter. The winning team was presented the prestigious and much coveted Invitational Trophy and will have the bragging rights that accompany their victory until the 2011 Invitational where they will defend their title.

Following completion of their rounds and dinner in the Waterloo Lounge, Mr. Dysart Moore asked the gathering to congratulate and to thank Mr. Clinger for a successfully organized tournament that was enjoyed by all in attendance and asked Mr. Clinger to say a few words.
The text of Mr. Clinger’s remarks is as follows:

“Thank you. Thank you, my friends. It has once again been my honor and my pleasure to host this event. I hope that everyone enjoyed this year’s tournament here at the Dunes Club, and I hope the course didn’t rough you up too badly. For a while we thought we were playing a British Open given the weather out there. But I hope you had a good time at what will be the new home of our tournament.

“You know a year ago there was a lot of speculation as to whether I would be here this year or not or whether I would be in Australia or Grand Cayman or some other foreign country and whether we would have a tournament or not. Well, I’m still here and we got to have our tournament. But I told you all last year that even if I weren’t here that this tournament would go on. You see, this tournament isn’t about me; it’s not about any one person. It’s about friendships and the fellowship that we have each year and that we have had for many years. And so long as I have a bit of life left in my body we will have this tournament. And we’ll all be here next year, and the year after, and so on.
“Thank you all for coming and enduring the weather and making this such a wonderful outing. I look forward to seeing you again next year.”

The group disbanded shortly after eight o’clock.

The 2011 Robert M. Clinger III Invitational will be held in February 2011 at the Dunes Golf & Beach Club. The exact date had not been established as of this release.

About The Dunes Golf & Beach Club—The Dunes Golf & Beach Club, located on the coast in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a private golf club built in 1948. It is recognized as one of Robert Trent Jones’ finest designs. Since its inception, it has proved to be a world class course, offering the best in golf and member services. This Robert Trent Jones signature course has a rating of 75.7 and a slope rating of 144. Each hole has its own descriptive name to give golfers an idea of what to expect before they tee off. “Waterloo”, hole 13, is the signature hole of the Dunes Course. “Waterloo” has received every accolade and award as one of the greatest golf holes in the world. In October 2009, the Dunes Golf & Beach Club was named to the 2010 Golf World Readers’ Choice Awards. The Dunes Club was recognized in the Top 50 Resorts category and is the only Myrtle Beach area course to be honored in this category in the annual ranking. The Dunes Club was also honored in the inaugural 2009 Reader’s Choice Awards.

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