Robert M. Clinger III Participates in Interviews for

Myrtle Beach, SC, Dallas, TX, Orlando, FL & Washington, D.C. December 15, 2010—Highland Global Business Valuations announced today that its senior business appraiser and founder, Robert M. Clinger III, has participated in two separate on-line interviews for

The first interview for the Entrepreneur Maestro Series focuses on valuation and exit strategy issues for entrepreneurs. The roughly forty-five minute interview covered topics such as:

  • Why should entrepreneurs care what the business is worth?
  • How early should entrepreneurs start planning to maximize the value of their business?
  • Which approach is most relevant for early stage businesses?
  • What are the common exit strategies for business owners including, selling the company to another company or individual buyer?
  • What is the difference between a financial buyer and a strategic buyer?
  • How are entrepreneurs funding the startup and/or growth of their businesses these days?
  • Is it possible to fund a business with money from your 401k?
  • What is the status of the SBA lending program these days?

          The second interview focuses on the process of selling a privately-held business. The roughly  forty minute interview covered topics such as:

  • Making the decision to sell.
  • Identifying potential acquirers.
  • Sending out non-confidential summaries.
  • Preliminary due diligence.
  • Receiving and analyzing LOIs from interested parties.
  • Closing the deal.

          The complete interviews can be accessed from Highland Global’s website,, or


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